Teeth Whitening  

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone wants to have make a lasting impression with the people they meet. There are many dental procedures that can give you that finishing touch to your appearance. Amongst them, teeth whitening in Colchester is the most comfortable and easy way to enhance your overall beauty. Special whitening techniques allow you to have a dazzling smile, safely.

Mile End Dental Clinic provides different types of teeth whitening treatments in Colchester. With the rising demands and popularity of teeth whitening, we plan to provide our patients with effective and profitable cosmetic treatment. Our treatment involves bleaching the teeth to obtain a lighter colour. The teeth will not become brilliant white, but the existing colour can be lightened by several shades. Several appointments are required for standard teeth whitening in addition to wearing a mouth guard containing bleaching gel at home.

We offer in-chair bleaching, using laser technology with chair support from the team. This is highly effective and often immediate results can be seen. You will then be able to take your custom whitening trays home to maintain and enhance the whitening.

Mile End Dental Clinic can also custom build a kit for your convenience to take home and use without the need to sit in our clinic to have your teeth whitening. The process takes a couple of months to show its maximum results.

We decide a suitable method for the process following your teeth whitening consultation session. Our expert dental practitioner will take your teeth impressions and follow the steps designed for the selected approach.                                        

Basically you will be treated with an appropriate option chosen from in-chair teeth whitening and home teeth whitening.

Home Teeth Whitening

As the name suggests, this procedure involves brightening up your teeth at home using the tooth whitening kit provided by your dentist. It is an easy, “do it yourself” technique where, you fill the whitening trays with the supplied bleaching agent and wear them overnight for near about 15 days. You will be guided with complete instructions on choosing this treatment option.

In-chair Teeth Whitening

It is a single appointment process with your dentist, which involves  high concentration bleach in the trays that is fitted over your teeth. Following this, you are kept under a blue light to activate the bleaching agents. The treatment covers two rounds of whitening, each of around 20 minutes. This states that you will be having brighter and whiter teeth in just an hour! 

Excited about getting a perfect-looking smile and appearance? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a dentist for teeth whitening near Colchester.

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