Root Canal Treatment  

Root Canal Treatment (endodontics)

We are pleased to offer patients a referral service in Endodontics. We are using latest equipment and techniques including Operating Microscope that give us optimum magnification and illumination.

Cone Beam CT Scan: provides an x-ray image in three planes.

Digital Radiography: It is particularly suited to endodontics because it produces an image of superb quality.

Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments: The files that are used to remove harmful material from the root canals and give them the correct shape.

A root canal treatment is a common and effective method of saving a tooth when the nerve has taken damage or died. The root canal system in the center of the tooth may become infected and require treatment. If untreated, the infection will continue to spread and may affect the blood or nerve supply of the tooth; in which case the tooth will need to be extracted.

Root Canal Treatment

In root canal treatment, all infection from the inside of the root canal system is carefully and precisely removed. The root canal is then filled to prevent re-entry of bacteria, and the tooth can be sealed with either a filling or a crown (to prevent future infection). This procedure is usually completed after two or three appointments We use an array of cutting edge technology to clean the root and save and restore your tooth. We have dentists with special interest in root canal treatment and we use a combination of the newest and most advanced technology and a highly skilled professional practitioner to help you keep your natural teeth.

Root canal treatment is a very delicate procedure and we are proud of the exceptionally high success rates at Mile End Dental Clinic.

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