What is Dentures (false teeth)?

These are fitted in the place of natural teeth which have been lost. Dentures are important because the loss of teeth makes chewing and eating food difficult. This can ultimately affect the diet and may cause sagging of facial muscles. Dentures can improve the look of your face, making it fuller and your mouth shape more natural. Full sets are used to replace all your teeth, while part sets replace one or more missing teeth. Using impressions or moldings from your gums, dentures are custom-made from either plastic or metal and plastic. Plastic dentures use suction based retention to hold onto the curves in your mouth, fitting snuggly onto the gums and replacing teeth. Plastic and metal dentures offer a thinner surface which contours your mouth and holds the artificial teeth into place. Part dentures can be brushed along with other teeth in the mouth. The removable nature of dentures means that full dentures can be cleaned by soaking them in cleaning solutions.

Flexible Denture:

Valplast® is a flexible denture base resin. It is unbreakable in normal use, making it ideal for partial dentures. The resin is a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and aesthetic properties. Valplast® allows a patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the material, making it virtually invisible in the mouth.

Partial Lower Immediate

Partial lower immediate:

Partial Denture

Partial denture

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures

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