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Save up to £1000 on dental implants – get implants from just £1699 all inclusive

Dental Implants available at affordable prices here at Mile End Dental Clinic we can offer you outstanding savings to replace your missing teeth. We are privileged to be working with the most reputable manufacturer of implants within the UK Priding ourselves in great materials; with the leading surgeons, we have teamed up to offer this amazing price. Our renowned reputation gives us the opportunity to pass on our reduced cost.

Before starting your treatment we ask that you come for your assessment with our team. Using state of the art technology, including 3D tomographical scanners we will to assess the types of treatment you need.

For only £1699 you will receive

  • A complete and thorough clinical examination and consultation, including your personalised treatment plan
  • A detailed specialised scan, normally £99
  • The implant AND it's crown (the replacement tooth)
  • Treatment within the clinical environment, using the latest surgical equipment with local anaesthetic
  • Pre and post treatment care, including aftercare appointments with the surgeon.

At Mile End Dental Clinic we can offer you amazing prices:

Having established our great working practice and a rapport with our implant manufacturers we are happy to be able to pass on our discounts. Mile End Dental Clinic offers implants, sinus lifts and bone grafts. Our dedicated team will discuss which treatments are right for you.

Before the implant is placed, our team will assess your clinical condition and your needs using 3d scans. This allows us to see the necessary hard and soft tissues and take measurements for the precise placement of your new tooth.

Stages Dental Treatment Dental Implant Centre Fees

Dental Crown

Crown/Bridge – Advanced Unit

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown
All-porcelain dental crowns or High aesthetic crowns option for additional cost.

Included in cost

Implant Abutment

Implant Abutment – Advanced Unit

Connects dental implant and crown made of titanium and specific to tooth also available in “brilliant white” zirconia for additional cost

Included in cost

Dental Implants

Dental Implant – Advanced Fixture

Placed into the Jawbone, Replaces Root Made of Titanium, size and lenght varies With lifelong warranty* Not available without implant abutment


Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting – Advanced Materials

Best available materials used (Bio Oss), Sinus elevation is not included.

Not included in cost – only used if needed –
charge will be added to cost

Healing Abutment

Healing Abutment

A Healing Abutment is used to shape your gum before final crown is fitted

Included in cost



Impressions are taken before final crown work

Included in cost



All local ANAESTHETICS are included. Sedation is not included



Total (all inclusive)


Applying for your dental finance is simple and fast. After seeing dentist, you fill in a single form at the clinic and you will have a decision within 20 minutes – it’s that easy. Mile End Dental Clinic is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We accept major debit and credit cards and you can simply pay for your treatment at the clinic.

Representative 0% APR patient loan

Dental finance can help make treatment more affordable and spread out the cost.

  • Borrow anywhere between £600 and £25,000 to pay for your dental treatment
  • Spread the cost of treatment over six to 12 months
  • Only pay back the amount you borrow

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is the replacement of a natural tooth and its root. Mile End Dental Clinic can return your mouth to its natural shape, and function. An implant looks and acts like a real tooth.

Implants are placed using a local anaesthetic. They are more comfortable than most other dental treatments. Both systems used here at Dental Implant centre, Noble Biocare and Alpha Dent, use the most advanced technologies that provide ease and advances over other systems.

Our specially trained team will place you implant in two stages.

Stage one implant

A cylinder screw is placed into your jaw bone. Over a period of several months this is taken into your own body, becoming part of your mouth. This bonded anchor is used as the root for the replacement tooth structure. During this integration time period, a temporary tooth cap or crown can be worn.

Stage two implant

The anchored screw is uncovered and an extension is added to allow the artificial tooth to be attached. The tooth is attached using a metal post, called an abutment. Once your replacement tooth, called a crown, is attached you are ready to eat, talk, smile and function as normal.

Everybody is different and each treatment is tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Your implant dentist will discuss all your options and your treatment plan to give you a happy and healthy smile.

Advantages of Dental Implant:

  • No preparation or damage to the neighbouring teeth
  • Restores the root and crown of a tooth
  • Long term solution
  • No irritation to gums, lips or tongue
  • Jaw bone structure and strength preserved
  • No increased risk of decay
  • No difficult to clean areas
  • Straightforward maintenance and cleaning as part of your normal routine
  • Looks and feels like a normal tooth

With age and condition often comes difficulty with replacing teeth. An implant offers the most successful and reliable option, even in later life. Mile End Dental Clinic is proud to have an extremely high success rate.

We can offer sedation if you feel anxious or worried about your treatment, or if you feel the procedure may be too lengthy.

We are fully confident that we can offer the solutions to your oral health problems.

Having a dental implant at Mile End Dental Clinic provides a long term, reliable investment in your smile. Not only does an implant restore and correct any missing teeth, while helping shape your mouth, but they lower the risk of any potential discomfort or unsuccessful treatments that other dental solutions offer.

Dentures and Bridges can cause painful irritations and discomfort while eating and talking. An implant can replace your tooth without any damage to adjacent teeth, no increased risk of decay and without drilling or damaging your healthy teeth.

Your treatment providers

Michail Vavalekas:

Michail has worked in the UK since 2010 as a dentist with Special Interest in Periodontology and Implant dentistry. In 2008 and 2009 he was awarded a Certificate and Fellowship in Periodontology and Implantology dentistry from NYUCD. At New York University College of Dentistry Michail gained both training and experience from world class leading experts in the field. Michail was involved in poster presentations in annual meetings at the Academy of osseointergration

At Mile End Dental Clinic we think of Michail as our in house gentleman. His caring and conscientious manner means he is well loved and appreciated by both patients and staff alike.

Dr. Dominik Nagy:

Dominik graduated as a general dentist in 2000 at the University of Medicine in Debrecen, Hungary. The next 4 years, he worked at the Oral, Neck and Maxillofacial surgery department in Saint Rokus Hospital. As a result of further professional training, he qualified as a dental and periodontological specialist in 2002 and dento –alveolar surgeon in 2006.

Since 2004 Dr Nagy, Dominik has been working part-time in Madarasz Street Children Hospital, Budapest where he operates on children with cleft lip and palate giving them a new quality of life.

Dr Nagy, Dominik is an expert of implantology, and has been working at CityDent Implant centre and Aesthetic Dentistry, since 2004.

Dr Dominik Nagy

DR Nagy Dominik

Den T I Implant System certificate
3i Implant System Certificate)
Sky Implant System Certificate

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Before Dental Implants case1
After Dental Implants case1
Retained Bridge

Implant retained bridge

Dental Implants


Implant Retained Bridge 2

implant-retained-bridge second

Dental Implant Process
Dental Implants Case2
After Dental Implants Case2
Dental Implants Before and After
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After Dental Implants Case3
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