How to get over your fear of the Dentist

  15 Oct 2019

Getting over your fear of the dentist

Many people have a strong fear of the dentist, causing them to avoid check-ups, which then results in toothaches and further complications.

At Mile End Dental Clinic, we make sure your visit is pleasant and comfortable with the help of our lovely team!

However, we do understand that fear can still be there, therefore we have suggested many ways that can help you overcome your fears at the dentist!


Whilst in the waiting room, you can bring along anything that will help you calm down, before entering the room. You can bring in your favourite book or watch videos on your phone/tablet whilst sitting in the waiting room. This will calm you down, just before you have your check-up and treatment!


Relaxation breathing is one of the many popular methods that helps you to calm down. Take a long and slow breath through your nose and hold it in for three seconds, before exhaling slowly through your lips. Deep breathing is helpful as it is an effective way to relieve stress!


If you have a long treatment and cannot bear the noise, you can bring in your headphones to listen to your music or podcasts. Hearing your own comfortable noise reduces anxiety as you are shutting out any uncomfortable noise that causes you to fear. We also have music in some of the surgeries and in our waiting room!

Asking questions

If you are worried due to the information that is given to you, you can ask us any questions you may have. We are more than happy to answer any enquiries or worries! Having the dentist explain everything, can help you prepare yourself for any check-ups or treatments, as you will know what is going on.

These methods will help you overcome your fear and help you to book a check-up with us! Healthy teeth are very important, so get the ambition to check your teeth!