Dealing with Toothache? 7 Oral Problems that need Your Attention

  23 Sep 2016

7 Oral Problems that need Your Attention

Toothaches are never good and this can make you feel absolutely depressed and miserable. Severe pain in the teeth may change your lifestyle and compel you to visit a dentist finally. If you had to ask 10 people the major cause for toothache, almost 9 will say that it occurs due to decay. However, there are several reasons why you may have to suffer from extreme pain. Knowing about some of them may help you avoid this affliction to some extent. With various clinics in and around London, it is now easy to consult a good dentist and alleviate your oral problems. This blog covers some reasons why you are passing through pain in your teeth.

  1. Tooth decay – One of the main reasons why you may face severe pain is decay. By practicing poor oral hygiene you will be more susceptible to decay. Once it gets into the inner layer known as ‘dentin’, you will be spending sleepless nights as decayed dentin may cause the problems related to mouth cavities and sensitivity.
  2. Dental abscess – When tooth decay reaches its extreme level, it can be harmful for the surrounding areas which include gums. After the infection extends to the gums, you may find it difficult to determine root cause of the ache or the problematic molar. It’s advised that you consult a good dentist before the trouble reaches to tissue and bone.
  3. Gum disease – Some symptoms you may be suffering from gum disease include – pain in the teeth and bleeding gums. However, the infection may enter into the root in severe cases. The worst scenario may be when you may need to undergo a surgery to get rid of the infected molar.
  4. Cracks or fractures – Athletes are very much aware about common issues like cracked or chipped tooth that occurs due to sudden accident. If you too are having restless nights due to fractured tooth, chances are that the crack has almost reached to the core. The crack to the core does not happen at once but may take wear and tear over the chipped or cracked molars.
  5. Sensitive to hot and cold food/drinks – If you are having sensitive teeth, there will be some feeling of pain while eating or drinking hot or cold food/drinks. Most people have sensitivity problems when the enamel recedes and uncovers the dentin. In such situations, it is suggested that you use the toothpaste given by the dentist for your sensitive tooth.
  6. Teeth grinding – Teeth grinding, also known as bruxing happens when people are over-stressed or in some tension. This may cause various problems such as jaw, muscle and pain in the neck. Like every other dental expert, dentists in Colchester too usually suggest patients to wear custom-made mouth guards based on the jaw shape.
  7. Poor oral hygiene – Many people have the habit of brushing with extreme pressure. They fail to understand that they are damaging the gums which, in turn, may lead to inflammation, irritation and bleeding. Improper flossing is another reason that can cause pain to the receding gums. It is advisable that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

If oral problems are left untreated, they may cause severe consequences. If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, fix an appointment with the dentist immediately. Hope this blog was a good tutorial to know about the causes for tooth pain.