Cerezen - A remedy for teeth grinding and jaw clenching

  15 Dec 2017

Cerezen Teeth Grinding Relief

We here at the Mile End Dental Clinic are now offering a rapid and simple drug-free device designed to target TMJ Pain Effectively.

Cerezen is an exclusive, ground-breaking therapeutic device that successfully treats Temporomandibular Disorders and related symptoms such as Headaches Jaw Pain, Clenching and Teeth Grinding.

The device is custom made to suit you and can easily be worn day or night. It also offers invisible and discreet wear in the Ear Canal whilst also helping reducing the symptoms and pain.

This modern and bespoke device is a much subtler device which does not affect speech and won’t cause the long term damage to the jaw as which a Mouth guard would.

During your Jaw movement, your ear canal opens and closes. Because your ear canal is close to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), It is perfect place to target the source of your symptoms.

The utmost benefits of Cerezen for patient is that Cerezen offers a big improvement in comfort compared with traditional splints and can offer a change to the patient’s quality of life.